RNA Conference Prep

Time to think about the RNA conference – next weekend!! Help!
Are there useful articles out there about how to get the best from Conferences? Silly question – I was exhausted by the second search.
Most relate to the RWA conference in the US where there seems to be a lot of time spent pitching to agents and editors. Having looked at articles like this:


there appears to huge pressure on delegates to perform. How stressful is that?
Having been to one RNA conference in Penrith last year, I can honestly say that I felt the format of the UK conference was much more balanced. Yes there were tons of networking opportunties and I met loads of well known published and unpublished authors with fantastic tips, but it never came across as a high pressure selling business meeting. And all of the workshops were useful for lateral thinking or directly relevant to my work.
Or perhaps I have the wrong impression about the RWA conference, not having been there myself? Quite possible. The internet must be selective by definition.