The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes

Jennifer Crusie, Eileen Dreyer and Anne Stuart have created something amazing – one novel about three sisters living in the same house, where each writer worked on the romance for an individual sister, then collaborated to create one book.
Ladies, I am in awe.
Three wonderful female quirky characters, three gorgeous but very different heroes, and three storylines where you could believe that these couples could fall in love over the space of a weekend.
The Magic is in colour. The love scenes are hot. The HEA guaranteed.
I bought it Friday and have read it twice.
Yes, I know I should have been writing, but it was the Bank Holiday and the sun was shining [ Ray-Anne slinks off with her head down feeling pathetic, but has written 4000 words in last two days as a feeble excuse].
Go here for the Little Black Dress Site and an extract:
Go here for the Blog the three writers created during the writing of this book – which is remarkable:
What’s playing on my YouTube right now? Glenn Gould playing Bach Partita no 6. part 1.