Katie FForde

Katie Fforde has wonderful news – as reported in The BookTrade yesterday – http://www.booktrade.info/index.php/showarticle/12244
Kate Elton, publishing director of Arrow, has acquired two new books by Katie Fforde. The new contract, agreed with Sara Fisher of AM Heath, is for a very substantial six-figure advance.
A major sales and marketing push has resulted in sizeable sales growth for Katie Fforde over the last few years. Her most recent novel, GOING DUTCH, was a Sunday Times hardback bestseller for three weeks, and a big repackage in 2008 is set to increase sales even further.
Katie Fforde said: ‘I’m thrilled to have a new contract – the team at Random House are brilliant and I’m incredibly lucky to have them.’
Kate Elton said: ‘Katie is not only one of our most important authors – a wonderful writer whose trademark combination of warm humour, engaging heroines and delicious heroes have made her a firm favourite across the whole market – but also a complete and utter pleasure to work with. I’m delighted that we have a new deal.’

Something to celebrate! Go Katie!