More words from the wise

Tess Gerritsen* had an interesting topic on her blog recently re: the fear of losing everything she has worked for overnight and the effects this may well have on her writing. The compulsion with security keeps her hungry and fighting to write a better book, and achieve better sales.Kyle Kerr ** began his comment to this blog entry as follows:

‘During the Maui Writers Retreat, John Lescroart made a really great speech…
He says that, during the writing process, there are two different modes an author goes into. When she’s writing the first draft, the author is in “Genius Mode,” where everything she writes is flecked with gold and diamonds.
Then, when it comes time for editing and revision, she enters “Idiot Mode,” where the author realizes that what she had first taken for gold and diamonds is actually pyrite and kitty litter. It’s the worst thing she’s ever seen, let alone written herself

These two comments made me think long and hard about my own writing, and whether I am hungry ENOUGH, working hard ENOUGH, focusing enough on writing the very best book I can possibly write with every scrap of talent I can bring to the words.
I am editing and rewriting at the moment, and know that I need to rewrite most of the opening first chapters to focus on the heroine and her internal conflict.

There are diamonds among the cat litter. But who wants to sort through cat litter? I do. I have to. This is the work. Needs to be done. Will be done.

Melissa James *** writes at least six drafts of her work, each one focusing on another layer of the work. This may well be the technique that works for me, starting with a ‘discovery draft’ in Genius Mode, then the flip side where I need to spend serious time being an Idiot.

Only good times ahead.

** Go here for Kyle’s website , and
*here for Tess Gerritsen’s blog and
***here for Melissa James article

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