And where do you get your story ideas from?

Business Opportunity – Ghostwriter.*


“Very busy executive would like to hire a writer to send emails on his behalf on personal dating websites. And do a few emails back and forth to get the ball rolling.
This person needs to know how to write in a masculine, but romantic way and at the same time create a challenge for the reader of the emails.”



Does it surprise you that this ad appeared in Los Angeles?

What is that rushing noise?

Ray-Anne working on a story idea while HER brain engine turns over the possible implications of that one.

Now. What kind of heroine would apply for the job?

Then of course fall for this executive who is too busy to write his own letters to prospective dates.

I can already hink of a couple of scenarios where this situation could be worked up – can’t you?

I love this. And who said that truth is stranger than fiction.

Now excuse me while I print this one out for my ideas file. I may even use it.

Unless of course you do first. Except there are so many others like this out there that you would never get around to writing them all.

So, next time someone asks where you get your ideas from – you can tell them, the job ads.

*This was listed on craigslist , which lists all kinds of creative writing and other jobs by city, and quoted by the most excellent Jurgen Wolff

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