Hottest Toy

Judy Jarvie has been blogging about the pressure on parents to find THE TOY for their child for Christmas.*

In a turn of serendipity I have just read Jenny Crusie’s novella in the compilation ‘ SANTA BABY’.

‘Trudy Maxwell goes looking for the Hot Toy of 2006 on Christmas Eve to keep her nephew’s faith in Santa Claus and life in general, and runs into toy hijackers, the CIA, Chinese spies, and the lit professor who dumped her after three dates. Then the shooting starts.

For an extract of the first chapter -

Highly recommended. And a masterclass on how to cram what the reader needs to know to set up the story before the heroine meets her hero. Brilliant.

And apologies to all parents who are now going through the pain, but is this not just another part of our current cultural Zeitgeist?
And therefore, of course, all food for the writer’s imagination?
Happy shopping.


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