New Year Resolutions?

I am still reeling from the recognition that it is now DECEMBER and I have no clue what happened to November. Some folk are already thinking about their plans for 2008.

Michael Angier ( has a list of 101 best end of year questions and 101 best new year questions.

They include:
• If I had this year to do over, what would I have done more of?/ Less of?
• What would make my life more enjoyable?/meaningful?/comfortable?/challenging?

• how much am I willing to invest in my personal and professional growth this (coming) year? Where and how will I make this investment in myself?

• In what ways can I have more passion in my life?

• To whom do I need to express my thanks and appreciation?

If you want a copy of his questions, go here:
Jurgen Wolff [] has used these challenges to come up with (and answer) some similar questions specifically about writing.

For example:
* What single thing did I do this year that most advanced my writing?

* Who or what inspired me the most?

* What is my writing goal for next year?

* What is the single thing that is most likely to help me achieve that goal?

* What can I do TODAY to move even one tiny step to move me toward that goal?

I shall put this to one side until the current WIP is finished, but food for thought, especially when we are running around during the next two weeks.

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