Word Stew

Nicola Marsh has an excellent post today on the merits of allowing your work to ‘stew’ so you can return to it with fresh eyes before submitting. http://www.nicolamarsh.blogspot.com/

I find this a very hard thing to do, but my current WIP needs it.

I can already see gaps in the hero’s internal conflict and one section needs work on pacing – it seems flat. The opening chapters need more angst. Everyone is too ‘nice’ to eachother.

So the whole file, notes, print-outs, post-it stickers, everything, is now inside the box file.

Sitting there.

On my desk.

Taunting me.

Calling me a wimp for not soldiering on.

I shall now punish it by storing on the top shelf of the bookcase for a week before going back to it.

This work needs to be submitted. I need to feel it is the best work I can create.

In the meantime…there are one or two other things to do around the place this week.

Excuse me while I look for a roasting tin large enough for a brace of wild rabbits.

Whilst stirring the home-made tangerine marmalade.

And sorting out the contents of the freezer which seems to have a lot of smoked fish. And preparing a shopping list for tomorrow’s supermarket dash.

And glancing longingly at the TBR pile. A week may not be long enough.