Thought that would get your attention.

No. Alex Romano is not my secret hero. But…A piece of trivia for you.

I have owned and ridden a series of motorbikes over the years.

The first bike was a student’s dream – a Honda 90 called Wendy.
She did 120 miles a gallon and was useful to getting home about late sessions at the university. I actually drove from Yorkshire to the Dorset coast and back on that bike!
Wendy was stolen in Bradford and I received more back on the insurance that the bike cost to buy.

Now there is a Triumph Trophy 1200 in our garage – but I am definitely the pillion.

So there you have it – Ray-Anne has been a biker girl. There are photos but you are all too young and sensitive for that kind of horror.

And I never, ever, had a plastic skull between the handlebars.

What’s playing on my YouTube right now? Bad to the Bone with Jensen Ackles