The Lutener household has several compost bins which benefit from the large quantities of veggie peelings and shredded paper which we generate in a week.

Last week, one of these bins had a tunnel in it. A round tunnel. At an angle.
1. A humane rodent catcher cage. Bait goes inside cage and door locks behind critter.
2. Cold night Thursday. Compost bin tunnel destroyed. Cage baited with dry cure bacon.
3. Yesterday morning. Live rat in cage.
At this point Mr Ray-Anne has to go to London so Ray-Anne given responsibility for regular checking of long, sleek, not-too-happy, rat which is trying to gnaw it’s way out of cage.
4. Cage loaded into plastic storage box with lid. Box loaded into car boot.
5. Car driven to local woodland a few miles away. Box out. Cage out.
6. 3 attempts to open fancy secure latch on cage with thick gardening gloves before door open.
7. rodent leaps and bounds into forest.
8. Realisation that rodent probably has a family group nearby and we shall have to do the whole thing again. Several times.