Point of View Tuesday

Changing point of view from the hero[ Him ] to the heroine [Her] and back again.

I have 14 pages in my revised first chapter. The only POV are the hero’s and heroine’s – this is a short contemporary and I want to focus on the two main characters.

The POV shifts are as follows;

Her. 1,2,3 – main intro. sets out her external and internal conflicts. location one

Him. 4,5,6,7.5 – main intro. external, hints at internal conflict. location two

First meeting. Page 6.

Her. 7.5,8 – first meet reaction- location one

Him. 9,10 – impact to him of first meeting

Her. 11, 12,13,14- her story takes off from here – ends with the first plot point – action starts.

There are space breaks and scene breaks between the POV changes, but I am now wondering if I should revise again to make this a single POV after they first meet.


What’s playing on my YouTube right now? North and South- Mr Armitage. In the Deep. Never saw it coming. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=DnJLgyonhNA