Finding your tribe

Belonging. The odd woman out. Finding your tribe.

Let’s say that, er, I have a FRIEND – who LOVES to read contemporary romance – AND contemporary commercial crime and thrillers.

She likes a mixed healthy diet and comes back to one, then the other, hungry for more.

Then let’s say that … my, er, FRIEND… has made up stories and people in her head and then written about them on paper.
And, if this FRIEND had to find a place on a shelf in a bookshop, some of these stories might be called Romance.
And some of these stories would DEFINITELY be called CRIME/thrillers/detective – starts with dead gruesomeness and gore etc. although they MIGHT include an element of romantic relationship for the female protagonist detective as subplot.

Then this FRIEND feels that she needs to meet some other folks of a similar predilection. Preferably before her imaginary friends start talking back.

Which tribe does she choose to spend her time with?
Romance Fiction Tribe? OR Mystery Fiction Tribe?

Each tribe has its benefits. And colourful costumes, national dress and endearing habits. Even their own unique language and special sayings! They meet up in social events and have conferences etc.
Each tribe wants her to come and stay with them and eat their food and drink their wine and sing their songs and dance their special dances.

Each tribe has its own online and real live communities where my FRIEND has met great people who have become her friends.

She has heard of nomads who spend their summer with one tribe, then move south to spend the winter with the other tribe.

To avoid confusion they use different names so the passport always stays the same.

One name for the Romance Tribe.
One name for the Mystery Tribe.

While keeping their real name for their true-self tribe.

Then, for extra madness, this madwoman actually wants to become a WORKING, CONTRACTED AUTHOR!!!

Two career plans? Two publishers?
Two brand name platforms to create? Two blogs? Two websites?

What literary agent in their right mind would take on this woman?

Is this the path to madness?

Could be.
Maybe she should go where her true heart dictates and where the ‘girls in the basement’ take her, and not be ruled by other people’s expectations.