February Sunshine

Here in Hampshire it has been a lovely sunny weekend with morning hard frosts and glorious star filled nights drifting into warm bright sunshine. Snowdrops, early primroses and daffodils. A taste of spring.
The early salads have germinated in the unheated greenhouse [ which reached 19C yesterday according to the greenhouse thermometer] and the first of the Spring insect life has emerged in my garden.
Red Admiral and Brimstone butterflys. A bumble bee – probably a queen from overwinter.
I can only hope they survive on the few flowering plants and early ornamental cherry blossom.
Of course once you are in the garden you start to notice the huge amount of clearing and clipping that needs to be done before the real Spring push starts. And did I mention the ground Elder?
I am always amazed the difference a little sunshine can make to the world- both external, and internal? We are stoking the fires of new energy and drive.
Jazzed up about YOUR work yet?