Holiday Packing – The Jeff Kitchen Screenwriting Method

This is the Dilemma.

I am about to start a two week holiday in the Greek Islands [ see picture – this is the view from the kitchen window].

Question: Do I take a complete break from this writing business? Do I go on strike, and refuse to give in to the separation anxiety, angst and general lack of functionality associated with not telling lies on paper on a daily basis.
IN other words. Do I actually take a holiday from writing anything other than postcards?

OR? Do I accept the inevitable and stash enough paper and pens in my hand luggage [ just in case the suitcase goes missing in two airports, you understand] since this greek village has a ‘mini-market’ where the supply of children’s school exercise books and pencils can be very limited. I may, gulp, RUN OUT..

And what if I am obliged to read fiction written by other authors who, another gulp, are ten times better than I am at holding the reader spellbound on her poolside lounger? Forcing me to face the fact that I am doomed as a thriller/romance writer and my old day job is a much better idea.

Two new A4 pads- squared paper of course, and six ballpoints. No laptops. No palm held.

I feel a lot better now. Thank you for your concern. Nothing else to see here, go about your business folks. All well.