Mills and Boon for lunch


 I am still catching up with a backlog of interesting ‘STUFF’ that I put to one side before my hols – which now seem SO long ago.

There have been two major bookseller professional conferences in the US over the last few months and one of the hot topics was the impact of digital media.

Publishers’ Weekly reported on a presentation by Malle Vallik from Harlequin.

Malle Vallik, director of Digital Content and Interactivity at Harlequin, talked about how, after seeing a comment on a blog from someone who was excited to be able to read Harlequin newsletters during lunch breaks, she began developing what she calls “nooners,” downloadable romance fiction just the right length for a lunchtime read.’

Combine this with the short attention span of today’s readers, the growth in E-Book and mobile phone readers in markets such as Japan, and you can see why publishers get excited about the potential for digital sales.

Romance fiction just the right length for a lunch time read.

What a great idea… I call that chapters in a paper book.

But how about you? Would you read on a mobile phone or I-Pod or the like in a lunch break?

To be fair, I did personally look at book readers from Sony before my hols – they are made to look like books, have decent illumination, even in sunlight, and can carry the equivalent of 160 novels in the internal memory.

Luckily for my bank balance they are not yet available in the UK, so I simply threw out more clothing I knew that I would never wear and piled in the books instead. Did I mention that I was away for 2 WEEKS? And the suitcases cannot weigh more than 20 kilos?

But I can see the benefits.

Now, if only they could make them SMELL like paper and ink and new books….