Head for Heights

Since you clearly liked the idea of ‘Touching the Void’ – here are a few more photos from Austria.



* The path along the ravine was made of mesh so that you COULD see the drop

* The views were worth it

* AS you can see from all the people, this was a weekend and there were coaches in the car park.



These pics are from a narrow ridge on a pass. Head for Heights needed- but the views were spectacular.

Note the glamerous attire, and walking poles to stop yourself sliding down the scree on each side.

And you wonder why I had a beach holiday this year? 🙂

Now, in theory this should be motivating. Deeds accomplished versus task still to be completed.

Still working on that one!

So, Now I have to get back to revising an intimate scene between a girl with surgical scars she is trying to hide and a millionaire bloke with a traumatic childhood. GULP!