Hugh Jackman in a towel

According to Kate Walker this is one benefit of lurking on other people’s blogs.

Words of wisdom indeed, and just one snippet from her talk at the RNA conference yesterday morning.

I have slept for England, am still slightly hoarse, and will take ages to get my head around the business, the craft and all of the pals I have met over the last three days – especially folks I have met for the first time in person after chatting On-line [ waving at Deb Carr] , or very briefly once before [ waves at Liz Fenwick and Kate Hardy].

The Romance community is SO supportive and friendly it is a privilege to be welcomed into it.  There were so many wonderful moments, but special thanks to Lynne Connelly, Fiona Harper and Kate Hardy for taking the time to listen to my paranoia and offer real, useful and constructive advice, when they could have been enjoying themselves.

I shall not mention the wine, the room parties or the joys of student single beds.

It was brilliant. Now all I have to do is process all of this good stuff and put it into practice with my current re-write.

In the meantime…