Free Guide to Publishing Your Novel

Happy days.

The wonderful and thought provoking crime writer, J A Konrath, had collected the posts from his terrific Blog into ‘The Newbie’s Guide to Publishing – Book.’

AND IT IS FREE for you to download!

No sign ins, or having to give your inside leg measurements and personal phone number – just take it from his site here:

lt is a stonking 750 pages. Be not afraid – there are bookmarks [ on the side bar] so you can navigate to the section you need.

Why am I interested?

1. The posts on his Blog are always deep, thought provoking and based on the personal experience of an author who is committed to the world and craft of fiction – and they are brutally honest. I like that. All power. 

2. Coming from the RNA Conference I have set myself a goal that my writing has to be the top priority- AND THEN I want to read ONE article  on CRAFT, and one article or website on BUSINESS each day.  Ten minutes  over coffee. This book is perfect for both, and I shall no doubt bore everyone silly with quotes from it.

Now you can see why my world is a tad brighter.

Perhaps I should get out more…