RNA Conference 2008: Craft 2


Many other conference delegates have brilliant notes from the Craft sessions, including:

KATE HARDY, who has great summary notes, including her own presentation on

Pam Brooks

Local History for Novelists – Ideas on your doorstep.

LIZ FENWICK ,whose notes I have used for: 

Kate Harrison

Botox for Writers – restoring that va-va-room


Caroline Sheldon [literary agent]

It’s Tough out there – but you CAN shorten the odds.

 [which SUSIE VEREKER also blogged about.]

Julie Cohen

Pacing. It isn’t just what you do in Jimmy Choos.

[which KATE JOHNSON also wrote up – great flow chart.]

Go to DEB CARR for great notes, including detailed points on;

Anna Scamans

Sense of Place – Making the settings part of the story

Sue Moorcroft

What do you mean, you can’t write short stories? For those who have to!

Anna Jacobs

Polishing your manuscript – correcting grammar is the least of it


Beryl Kingston

Let’s play Pygmalion. Creating characters.

 I am sure I have missed several blogs and conference reports, but there is So much good stuff I really, truly, have to focus on the writing one of these days.


I have just set the rat trap for our compost bin visitor, checked to make sure that our hedgehog did not fall into the pond, watered umpteen plant pots, and packed up my EBAy sales [ the loft was about to explode down the stairs] and now have the dentist to look forward to.

If Kate Hardy is reading this, she can look away now..

I was supposed to be having root canal work tomorrow, only the dead tooth broke into pieces Friday morning. leaving a sharp edged ragged gap where the front of my tooth used to be. I am now ‘FANG’ woman or ‘JAWS’. The only good news is that the dentist is lovely and the tooth is dead. Won’t feel a thing.

Except of course I have now lost the tooth I was trying to save and will have to have it replaced. Which means many, many hours sitting in that dentist’s chair. Oh joy.

Of course being a sensory type of person, it is the SMELL and feel of the dentist which gets you, isn’t it?

 Ah, the  glamerous life of a romance novelist. Just like Babs. LOL.

So, I leave you with some Romance Inspiration. Enjoy.