Humour and Romantic Comedy

One of the pre-requisites of Romantic Comedy is that, ideally, it should be funny.

But what does that mean? What is funny to one person may make someone else cringe. e.g. I never understood why folk love Monty Python. Ever.

So how do you make a situation universal AND funny?

Situational comedy is a mainstay as long as you add a twist. Like this, for example, where Will Ferrell meets his landlord [ adult language alert!]:

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although I prefer the sharp dialogue and snappy repartie of deliberate misunderstanding, like this classic:

and the remake:

And then there are the brilliant one-liners. Black Adder style/ Richard Curtis.

Um. What makes you laugh out loud? Slapstick? Witty banter? A good line? Tricky this. 🙂