2008 RWA Conference Workshop Handouts


The Romance Writers of America Conference 2008 in San Francisco may have come to an end, but there are lots of photos of gals – and a few guys – having a fun time on the web, with some excellent feedback on the quality of the presentations and workshops

And here is a Fantastic Freebie – the RWA Site has free downloads of the Handouts used.

Go here to download the Handouts from the Conference Workshops: http://www.rwanational.org/cs/08Handouts

Range of Presentations? Across the Board from Young Adult to the Creative Process to Marketing.

There are LOADS of useful tips here – and yes, they are Handouts, and designed to be brief one liners, so they cannot replace the full presentation, but I have looked at a few and think they are brilliant for lateral thinking. and sparking the old brain cells into life.

For example. Since I am currently in the cave re-writing my bestseller -here is The wonderful Romance Suspense writer Lisa Gardner talking about:

Successful Rewriting: Paring Down and Fleshing Out-


It is raining, it is cold and wet - enjoy.