Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Now ‘the book’ has been put to one side for a week, I have the delicious pleasure of catching up on other reading to ‘fill the well’.

Top of the TBRead pile was ‘Twilight’ by Stephanie Meyer. I know, I know, I am years behind on this series, but I know that the film version is out soon, and teenagers rave about it, so it was time.

What can I say? Hooked from page one, read the whole thing in two, very late, nights. NOW I understand why young adults loved it.

It is emotional, traumatic, exciting, endearing, thought provoking, angst driven, erotic in the true sense of that word – since the most the chaste couple do is touch lips briefly, but full of un-unresolved sexual and emotional tension. Complete empathy and sympathy with the heroine. Maybe not so with Edward, but he did grow on me.

She is 17. He is 17 going on 100 and has been waiting 90 years to fall in love for the first time.

If ever there was an opposites – attract, they can never be together story, this is it.

And if you have seen the TV series, ‘Moonlight’ about a vampire private investigator and a journalist – this is far better and I suspect, the spark that lit the current paranormal vogue in the US.  Only this was written by a Mormon mum and there is no sex.

Definitely one for the keeper shelf.

Only I now have to buy another copy for my niece who is seriously into goth at the moment and has not read this one yet. Of course, this does provide an excellent opportunity for me to browse the sequels… which I am sure you will already have read, and analysed for structure and craft like the professionals you are.

Don’t you LOVE it when you find a new book to treasure?