The world seems to be spinning faster


For 13 years, I worked for a multinational pharmaceutical company, where my desk was a ‘Dilbert’ style cubicle in a huge open plan office – surrounded by ringing telephones, water cooler meetings and the hustle and bustle that 70 or 80 busy men and women who are all talking loudly can generate. We all heard eachother’s telephone conversations, issues and yet were expected to focus on teckkie geeky problems.

Plus, my module was next to the corridor, so folks just ‘popped in’ to ask questions/updates because their work project needed answers NOW – and most of the time, this was true. I was probably taking 150 e-mails a day, from offices all over the world, and was sometimes obliged to get on aircraft to talk to the same people face to face.

This was quite normal. I was simply doing my job, like my colleagues. No hastle. No time to analyse who and what and why. We just got on with it and knew that we had to deliver to earn our salaries.

Now I live a fairly solitary sheltered life. Just working away quietly in my backbedroom, typing, reading, studying, occasionally leaving the house to resupply the refrigerator with fattening goodies, and buy more books, or meet fellow RNA writers, published and yet to be published. Classical radio or CD is playing in the background, otherwise this is a quiet house most of the time.

And then…. Precisely one week ago, a small thermonuclear device exploded in my life.

And I am right back into that same business office head set, as though I had never been away.

After six years, I find this quite fascinating.

And yes, I do miss the people and the buzz and energy of that environment sometimes, but no, I do NOT miss the open plan office.

The On-Line Romance community is as real as any office crammed with individuals each doing their own thing – and I thank everyone who has been SO generous and kind with their congratulations.

No doubt I will have further revisions to the manuscript before it is finally accepted, but the first round of updates are now complete and with the editors.

I think I am ready for a new adventure.  🙂