I have a Title and Publication Date!


Just to let you all know that the editors have confirmed that:

The firm title is ‘Always the Bridesmaid.’

The book is due to go on sale in July 09 in retail in the North American market and in the UK it will be in the direct only programme, so will only be available to buy online and hopefully also in the new ebook format! 

I am a tiny bit disappointed that it will not be available in the shops here in the UK [ so I can ogle at it for hours, you understand ]  but delighted with the US launch for my first book!  AND a summer read, which is just brilliant.

So look out Amazon!

I submitted the final ‘tweaks’ today and all is well. The book has already been line edited.
All this in less than 2 weeks since the call! These gals certainly work fast.

Have to go for a little lie down now. World is spinning faster than I am used to. Is this due to CERN do you think? 🙂

Then on with the next book. LOL Ray-Anne