Off to be an author

Today I have the totally surreal experience of attending my first Mills and Boon author event.

An official. Proper. Mills and Boon author event. Where I shall meet my fellow authors, and professionals, and executives from the publishers who have taken such a risk in my work.

I feel like a debutante about to be presented at court for the first time – I am ‘coming out’ into society in my new identity.

Note the stunned and slightly terrified smile of my model. I think the photographer must have hated her to contort the poor girl like that.

Unfortunately I no longer use long evening gloves and my tiara is at the cleaners, so I have dug out a business suit from the back of the wardrobe and medium heels suitable for commuting/walking around London and standing most of the day.

Question. Why is it that you see nice outfits in the shops when you have no need or interest in buying them, but when you are actually looking for a new dress you can’t find a thing?

Must dash now – have to ready. This may take some time, and I am out of instant sparkly party people powder. Drat.

Will report back soon. 🙂


Reminders to self:

* do not scoff ALL of the no doubt delicious nibbles. Mayo and sauce stains are not a good look.

* do not gulp down copious glasses of no doubt delicious alcoholic beverages – even if they are thrust into your nervous hands by friends and well wishers. Falling asleep with your head on the table is not a professional look. And alcohol makes me talk. A lot. Even more than usual.

* do not ogle at the famous authors whose work you have loved all of these many years and wonder what on earth you are doing there. Wimpering in the corner may cause sympathy and empathy but only among the other debutantes. Imposter? Moi?

*DO have  a blast. You worked for this. Enjoy every moment.