Still alive

After a great weekend in the Brecons, and the Abergavenny Food Festival, where it was hot enough for some of the team to get sunburnt, it is back to work on the new book.

This is my favourite part – getting to know the characters and working through their dilemmas for the first time.

In the meantime The Romance Writers of America site has some statistics on Romance Fiction for 2007 which make my head spin .

* The United States Book Market grew to 10.7 BILLION DOLLARS in 2007

*Romance fiction became the largest share of the consumer book market in 2007 with $1.375 billion in estimated revenue (overtaking the religion/inspirational category, which was the largest share in 2006).

*A 12.9 percent of all market categories, romance outsells the competition and will grow to a 13.3 percent share of the market in 2008

*The top five romance book publishers (as per Simba Information estimates) in 2007 were the same as 2006:

1.    Harlequin
2.    Random House
3.    Penguin Group
4.    HarperCollins
5.    Kensington.
Oh yes, I will have some of that market share please.

And my playlist for this book? Let’s start with Jazz. I love Nina Simone – but here is a new version of Don’t Explain from Damien Rice:

and the original [ no graphics on this clip] – enjoy.

and my current favourite –