The Joys of Technology

Ah – those were the days.

Now we have – The joys of Technology


Well we had such lovely weather over the weekend here in Hampshire.

And was I outside enjoying it?


Friday last I tried to back up My Documents, and found that I used 37 out of my 40 GigaByte hard drive!




I ran a programme to find duplicate copies of files. THERE WERE THOUSANDS!

No wonder the disc was full and working like a slug!

I have written 10 books and have ideas/research/notes on lots more.

Apparently over the years I had copied word docs over from one folder in a directory to another, and in the process created up to 8 copies of the same file – and hundreds of sub directories!

Total nightmare – but it had to be done, because there was not enough memory left to process the back-up.


I gave up after about 4 hours of deciding which of the copies to save, one by one, and where. It was beyond me to go through and work out which version was worth keeping.

And there are still thousands left to go through, one by one.

 SO- Mr Ray-Anne [ the alpha hero to the rescue] decided that it was time to install a new hard drive on my pc.

320 GigaByte should do the trick.

Should be straightforward enough thinks…..foolish young girl that I am.


9am to 9pm. Saturday- baring two hours with visitors in the sunny garden. No luck.

8am to midnight Sunday – and a trip to PC World – and at 12.15 am this morning we gave up. Bleary eyed and exhausted


I am now staring at a nekkid pc tower unit without its sides, with a hard drive hanging out on a cable.

It is not a pretty sight.


Pen. Block of paper. Yum.