One of the positive aspects of cleaning up your Hard Drive is that you find things that you have forgotten about.

Digital cameras. Digital photos. LOTS of memory required. But who can delete them?

For example – Moi. Hot summer evening. London.

At one point Mr Ray-Anne worked in London not very far from this bridge over the Thames to Lambeth  – and we were so immune to the familar sights and sounds of the place, I only have a couple of photos like this one to remind me that this is LONDON! Complete with Houses of Parliament and the EYE.  And sometimes I did get dressed up to go out on a summer evening in the city.

this is my usual attire these days. Note glamerous footwear.

Complete with a friend’s travelling companion, Nellie. Who was fairly clean at one point.

But not for long..

Conclusion? Saved the photos and videos etc onto a server disc so the documents were kept pristine.

in theory this should make the word docs faster. I wait to see the results.

In the meantime. On with my second book. All the fun of the fair. LOL.