Time management and Personal Productivity


One of the things I have been interested in for a long time is how the most effective people work.

Especially when compared to monkey brain girls like me.

Tom Colvin has a website I pop into now and again [ procrastination, I know, but the craft articles are always good] and this post has a link to a VERY interesting Video from a professional trainer on the factors which impact personal productivity.

As usual, most of the content is common sense, which we already know, but I think it is rare to find all of the factors in one 30 minute video.

Key take aways?

* Focused periods of work. I use 30 minute slots because I know how I work. Other people can work for longer -and this trainer recommends blocks of two hours, but the key thing is focused, uninterrupted time. CLEAN FOCUS. No multitasking. Then take a break doing something completely different.

Having worked in an open plan huge office, this is not easy – email, phone, people, but you have to do it. I have started switching off my e-mail for several hours and I don’t use a new mail alert ringer. Is there any e-mail which CANNOT wait for an hour?

* Persistence and determination. Yup. Just keep going and doing the things you need to do even if you do not see results straight away. This needs faith in yourself.

* Create a Routine, where you do the important things at the same time every day. Not easy, but it does work. You can create great results – and this applies to all aspects of your life.

Lots of effective people take time each morning to manage themselves, and motivate themselves for their day – especially if they have families and other tasks they have to achieve that day. It works.

* Work Addiction. Balance with fun activities. Healthy and happy. Exercise.

One thing he does not mention. Enjoy the work when you do it, because this is what you are best at – this is your unique gift.

And that has to a good thing. 🙂