Free Donald Maass Book

Do you like Books?

Do you like Books on Writing Craft?

Do you like Books on Writing Craft written by someone who knows what they are talking about?

Do you like FREE Books?


Then please allow me to make your day.


The excellent literary agent Donald Maass – author of ‘Writing the Breakout Novel’ has been generous enough to offer another of his books –


‘The Career Novelist – A Literary Agent offers Strategies for Success


absolutely free, gratis and for nothing, as a download from his site. One click, no registration or inside leg measurements or anything like that.


Go here to download or take a look at the book.



It WAS written in 1996, so some things are bound to have changed, but I think it is worth the time to peek at a few chapters.


While I am visiting the site, I like to look at the tab marked ‘What we are looking for this month’ – always illuminating. 


Happy writing! 🙂