Harlequin Podcasts

I tip my hat to Michelle Styles, who is shivering away in not so sunny Northumberland, for pointing out that E-Harlequin is running a PodCast from Kimberley Young and Meg Sleighthome on what they are looking for in new submissions to the Romance Line.

This is one of a series of PodCasts from the editors of Harlequin series, and I agree with Michelle – it is the most brilliant form of Procrastination.. except… am I meant to feel terrified about the long list of ‘must haves?’  Gulp!

At the moment I am waiting to hear back from Richmond on my second book for the Romance Line.

I have suggested four very different story ideas/themes’set-ups, and it will be fascinating to find out which of them is selected. In the meantime I am working on my current favourite story line, and the character development is taking me to some very interesting emotional places. All grist to the mill.


Did anyone see the film ‘Dear Frankie’ starring Gerard Butler? Absolute classic tear jerker. And one of the playlist for my current WIP.