Sorting out Computer Files

After the disaster of finding 1000s  [ and I truly mean thousands] of duplicate files, I have been working through my folders to try and re-structure the work before going for a big ONLINE storage back up.

File Management. For each book – I am going to use the same format.

*For the actual manuscript, I like Year. Month. Then day of the week. Each daily folder contains notes, outlines, scenes, text, everything.

*Images and links – including my own photos etc

* Ref material and notes and articles etc.

* Submission history..

Etc. Etc. You get the idea. What, where, when…

For example, I have been collecting reference material and making notes on a huge Medical Technothriller since 2004. Do I need to tell you that there are hundreds of documents? It was a mess, but at least now I have Category Subfolders I know I can find things in. AND I found at least three complete duplicate folders of work containing 80 files.

File Housekeeping. Time well spent.

One of the bonuses was that I have found LOADS of useful articles and downloaded books which I had completely forgotten about -some of which are gold dust.

Example. From 2006, an article on how Debbie Macomber has generated the readership loyalty she has achieved, and works with Harlequin to achieve this.

Key take-aways?

* this is a professional author who works her socks off to give her readers extra value

* she knows her readers – yes, it is obvious, but how often do we actually stop and think about the connotations of that?

* she is prolific

* her publisher has worked with her to create a brand which is natural and authentic and she excels at it.

I know that not everyone like Debbie Macomber – but you cannot deny that she has been hugely successful in targeting a specific [ mainly US] market and working hard with her readers. All respect.

Now I have to tackle my multiple folders of Internet Favourites. According to the back-up report, I now have more favourites than work files. Is this normal?

Drat. Geeky research girl peeks her head out from under the covers again. LOL.