Writing Romantic Comedy and Michael Hague



One of the gems I rescued from the Recycle Bin was this link to an Article by Michael Hague on Writing Romantic Comedy. http://www.screenplaymastery.com/RomanticComedies.htm

Key elements from the article;

THE ROMANCE CHARACTER – the object of the sexual or romantic pursuit – should possess certain qualities to win the heart of the reader/audience:

* The reader must fall in love with the character

* The reader must root for the hero to win her love

* Insurmountable obstacles must seperate the two lovers

* The character must be intertwined with the hero’s outer motivation/goal

* The character must create obstacles to both the hero’s inner and outer goals.

These two last aspects are the most interesting to me. How to achieve it? Make it feel real and alive and believable?

And of course, in many examples in the movies, it is the HERO that the audience wants to find love – mature and unconditional love. As in ‘Notting Hill’ – Hugh Grant is the love sick bookseller with everything to lose by falling for the dream woman he can never expect to have.

Perhaps the only way is to work as Michael Hague suggests and ask the hard questions –

*What terrifies the heroine/hero emotionally?

* What have they always been afraid of? And what are they doing to avoid having to face that fear?

* What have they always wanted to do and never had the nerve/chance?

 Now all I have to do is put all of this good advice into practice. GULP!

Here is a litle piece of chocolate substitute…