The First Few Pages


Apparently there are some authors start at the beginning and work their way steadily through the romance story, scene at a time, with almost no revisions or corrections.

I don’t hate them. No, not at all. I am simply envious.

So far, I have found that I have to write the end – the full-on, fireworks, what has this poor girl learnt while I have been throwing rocks at her- end, before I can go back and fine tune [ delete 80% and rewrite] the opening pages so that the character arc is set up.

And of course I have to keep up with the latest publications [ a fine excuse].

What am I reading at the moment?

Jessica Hart – Last Minute Proposal. The opening section is fab.

* Hero and heroine together on first page

* Heroine scared – and the reader can identify with her SO well – which of course makes the hunky hero even more heroic

* Opposites attract scenario from the onset- but no great background info section- it is expressed through dialogue and context

* Motivation, external conflict, and believable rationale for the scenario clear and up front in 3 pages.

Pheww.. maybe this is why Jessica has written 50 books. There is also an extract of the opening on her website.

AND since it is raining, the banks are bust, and the central heating is now on – I have now booked my holiday for next May in the Greek Islands.