Michael Crichton

Well, I have just sent the proof comments off to Mills and Boon and await with interest any feedback.

Of course, I am now terrified that I have missed something and the finished book will contain a complete howler which everyone shall point at. GULP.

But I have to bite the bullet and get on with the next book. The mountaineering medic hero is already giving me goosebumps, so my heroine has no chance of resisting him. 🙂


I was very sorry to read yesterday that Michael Crichton has passed away at such an early age.

His work had an enormous effect on the world of thriller writing and medical drama, and I know that I was hugely encouraged in my own crime writing by the visual and thrilling style of his novels, even if I did not agree with some of the technical premises.

The lasting memory I have is from one TV interview when he came across as quite a modest man whose main worry on book tours etc was whether he would ever find a airline seat or hotel bed – especially in Japan- which could cope with his 6 feet 9 inch height.

A sad loss.