Google Images


I am still slaving on the second book – but there is good news.

The editors liked my first three chapters! YAY! AND they came back with one killer idea which will make  the external plot line simpler to the reader, and for me!

Result! Now all I have to do is – to paraphrase Kate Walker – ‘Keep it simple and Dig Deep’ – and that is my problem. I over plot, over complicate, over populate and generally have enough material for a 120K book.

Which is NOT what I need or want. Sigh.

In the real world, I know that many authors use Google Search Engine to find pics for their cast, but here is something special.

The great and blessed Jennifer Crusie has this snippet on her current blog post:

‘Google, which got its amazing little hands on the entire Life Magazine photo library, is putting it up online. The entire archive should be up by next spring, and they plan to keep adding photos. There are millions of images, going back to the 1750s.’

Go here:

Someone very clever once said that the Internet is like having a library at the end of your fingertips- this is one more amazing example of this.