Dylan Thomas


Have just booked next summer’s holidays in the Greek Islands again – on a beach not unlike this one, except more pebbles.

Although the cold spell has kickstarted my brain on more winter tales.

I studied Dylan Thomas at school, too many years ago, and one of my favourites was his tale of ‘ A Child’s Christmas in Wales.’

For the text go here. It is still magical. And no doubt the TV will have an animated version over the holiday.

I have now discovered that Dylan Thomas actually recorded his reading of this tale – and you can get it for Free by downloading it in two parts – here.  It seems remarkable that this has to be 60 years old. This is what technology was designed for. Even if he does have a remarkable BBC voice.

I recall that the late comedian and fine singer Harry Secombe actually came from the same part of Swansea as Dylan Thomas and knew his family – and apparently Thomas was spot on with the detail of that childhood memory.

I wonder what the child of today will remember about their christmas?

Can they even imagine a world without Television? Technology? Where you had to make your own entertainment and sing songs and poem/play and imagine games to amuse yourself?