[me – in my dreams! I need ice picks to make it to the shops]

I have just seen that Andy Kirkpatrick has won the Boardman Tasker prize for 2008 for the best book on Mountaineering – Psychovertical.

As the title suggests, this is a lot more about the reason why, as well as the how and where, and is autobiographical. Quite fascinating.

Joe Simpson is another mountaineer who has written several books after the famous ‘Touching the Void’ about the completely illogical need some people – men and women – have to push themselves to the limit on mountains. They know it is irrational. One of his books is called ‘This Game of Ghosts’ where he lists the many fit, wonderful young men who were his friends who have perished on climbs and other extreme sports.

Perhaps I find this topic so interesting because there is no way my body will allow me to do what they do – even if my mind could.  Psychovertical is now on my Amazon list.

In the meantime enjoy some clips from Andy: