Everyone seems to be in the cave at the moment trying to close out projects before we enter the black hole of time and energy that is December, and I am no exception.

Except that I spent from 8am to 9.30am this morning at Homebase selecting paint to redecorate the living room between Xmas and New Year. [10% day and DH had vouchers].

This is a SERIOUS removal of all wallpaper, replaster, sand, basecoat, then paint all surfaces and woodwork etc of a BIG sitting room/dining room. [ 80 sq metres of matt emulsion]. Probably new curtains etc and DH is talking new wood flooring to replace carpet.  And we have one week to do it in.

Won’t that be fun?

So here is something special in way of a link.

Getty Images have created a fab new site where you chose the mood you fancy and they select images and music to go with it. You can save the playlist and come back to it. And slow down the pics to chose ones you like. Totally kewl. And they call it MOODSTREAMING.

All I need to find now is the site called ‘ Storystreaming’ and I’m sorted. Kind of.