Modest Motivation- A Brief Guide to World Domination



My goal each day is to try and include some of each of the following:

* Actual writing/revising. [Still working on the second book for Mills and Boon]

* Working on an aspect of the Craft

* Reading and researching more about life as a working writer/business/mental attitude.

And all in the vain hope that I can develop, learn, improve – and create and translate my passion for fiction into words someone else may actually want to read for entertainment. Show bizz is hard work.

Some of the most interesting articles on the work have come from Jurgen Wolff , who is essential daily reading for me.  He never fails to kick start my little grey cells – and usually some of the white ones too.

Today’s post is a link to an excellent free short manifesto, modestly entitled “A Brief Guide to World Domination,” by Chris Gillebau. I have printed it out and saved it.

And no, I am not quite ready for world domination QUITE just yet. Building up to it? Of course.

WARNING – Chris’s website is a treasure trove of positive, intelligent articles. And fun. And boy, is he a character just waiting to be written about – and a great source of alternative and unique occupations.

Now – off to create a plan. Enjoy.