Happy New Year


January. From the word for the god Janus. One body. Two heads looking both backwards and forwards. How apt.

I cannot actually believe that time has passed so quickly! What happened to the end of last year?

January 2009.  The traditional time to set goals and targets for the next 12 months and longer.

I am totally jazzed about 2009 – even on day one.

Why? My goals and objectives kicked off in Sept 08 when I got the call from HMB – everything else drops out on a project time line from then until July when the first book – ‘Always the Bridesmaid’ is launched.


My very first published book. How exciting is that?

Over the next few days I am working on the revisions for my second book, then looking hard at the goals and objectives I set myself a few months ago for various parts of my life and writing.

In the interim – here is a link to a very interesting post from ‘The Art of NonConformity’ about how ‘Fear of Failure’ impacts creative people. And I am no exception.