New girl, new school, new term


Well at least that is what it feels like today.

4 things to report:

1. like so many others I succumbed to the pestilence doing the rounds to the point that I was reduced to going to the doctor for potent antibiotics and other drugs. Still not quite right but on the mend. Sorry to say most of my husband’s colleagues at his work are disease ridden – so bound to catch more opportunities to show my brillaint wheezing act.

2. the holiday period was dedicated to redecorating our living room/dining room. Due to all kind of problems [ I think the previous owners superglued the wallpaper to the plaster] it was finished late last night and the local charity shop is going to benefit from several bags of of unloved crime books. Seeing all of my books stacked in the hall was actually quite shocking.

3. In the midst of items 1 and 2, I edited and revised the second book I have contracted for HMB, and sent if off this morning. Pressing that send button on the e-mail is quite an emotional moment – but I am grateful not to have to go out in the snow as the cough is being a nuisance today. So the wait begins.

4. Tomorrow I am going on a half-day course on Becoming Self Employed, run by the local Revenue and Customs Team. This is free and should be very useful judging by the agenda. Then comes the interesting part – catching up with my accounts. Glee.

Now I have sent of the book to the editor it is time to tidy up my office, start the filing and begin work on the Website for Nina H. I have a Website designer lined up and he needs artwork and content to get him going. Lots to think about there.


And there we have it. 2009. Business Head on. Branding. Visuals.

That does sound tiring.

Since I was up at 5.30am it is probably time for a restorative snooze now. 🙂

Happy writing.