Books make great gifts


 French Rugby players – go here for the more – cough, revealing pics.

I picked up this little gem from the Telegraph

Mills & Boon team up with Rugby Football Union for a series of racy novels

Publishers at Mills & Boon are hoping the combination of rugby and romance will prove a best-seller as they team up with the RFU for their latest series of novels.

Clare Somerville, sales and marketing director, added: “They’ve got all the elements of a quintessential Mills & Boon romance: jet set locations, hunky alpha male heroes and hot sex, but in a rugby context.”

“The RFU has been great to work with and hasn’t been so precious about its image, it has let us get on with it. There is quite a bit of naughtiness that goes on, but the RFU has realised that it is all about good wholesome fun.”

My two brothers play/played rugby in Northumberland. I remember huge men fighting in 10 inches of slushy mud and frequent trips to the local A and E dept followed by pies and beer and …. naughtiness. Most of it not wholesome.

I tip my hat to the authors of these books.  They must love a challenge.

For some reason I love this video promoting Books as Gifts – Enjoy.