Mills and Boon in Waterstones

I picked this interesting snippet up from The Bookseller mag in an interview with Claire Summerville:

‘Although HMB has a big trade in supermarkets, it largely bypassed the EUK meltdown because it supplies them direct and has external merchandisers come in to replenish the stocks. Its key bookselling partner is W H Smith, and from March, 30 Waterstone’s shops will roll out Mills & Boon spinners.’


Clear optimism on potential sales. And Mills and Boon in Waterstones!

I have missed some vital piece of advance info on this one!

I am personally delighted since I am within walking distance of both a W H Smith and a Waterstones and have never understood why the latter would choose NOT to stock a bestselling fiction line. Hope I am one of the 30 and the selected stores have fantastic sales figures.

In the interim, the head and chest cold is slowly clearing, and I managed to survive a less than jolly dentist’s appointment without coughing all over the poor woman.  Yet another crown needed. Oh Joy.

Write faster, Ray-Anne, write faster.