New Regime



I have actually lost 3 pounds since the beginning of December, but since my lungs are now more or less ready to be put to the test, I am off this morning to my local gym for my first session of 2009.

Good news?

* the gym is in walking distance of my house

* it is directly opposite a Marks and Spencers. I have now become addicted to their crumpets and all other crumpets are classified as unacceptable. And their strawberry conserve is on offer. I am doomed. 

* Mr Ray-Anne bought me gym membership for Xmas so I can be fitter in time for my May walking holiday. And new frocks are promised. There is even talk of a swimming costume [ I do not swim] but don’t hold your breath. And of course I shall need a new outfit for the swanky 10th Feb RNA lunch in a smaller size.

* my gym has an excellent Ladies Gym option so that I do not have to watch the weight lifters muscle men snigger as I manage 10 minutes on the rowing machine. Michelle Styles has inspired me.

Bad news?

*I have not exercised for about a month apart from gentle walking.

*My session this morning is called ‘Body Max’.  ‘Bring the gym to the studio with free weights to create a resistance-based class to reshape and tone the body. This class is suitable for all levels of fitness.

Where’s that crumpet?..And the pedometer which tells me how many calories I have used… Wish me luck.