OnLine Workshops on Writing Craft


I never cease to be amazed by the generosity of romance authors and the romance community as a whole.

Over the years I have been enormously grateful to the many authors who have added Writing Tips on their websites or through their blogs, but there are many, many resources out there.

For example:

*Romance Divas have a wonderful library of workshops from experts in all parts of the business – try their Blog for more, although you need to register.

 *All about Romance series of Masterclass articles on just about anything you could ask about,

* Romantic Times Resource Articles,

and the expert articles on E-Harlequin.

All free, gratis and for nothing but love of the genre.

Brilliant! And I try and study and learn a new aspect every single week.

So I was delighted that Trish Wylie is running a Workshop through her Blog. Trish has some EXCELLENT notes for Category Romance on her Website which I have found to be very useful indeed.  Not to be missed.

The only problem? I am supposed to be revising, and the more I read all of this great stuff, then look at my revisions…. I think that I had better get back to it. 🙂