Only the Best


Still working on the revisions.


* sanding and waxing stripped pine woodwork and louvre cupboard doors in kitchen

* basecoating the kitchen walls – 2 coats to cover up stencils and letters in strong colours

* emulsion the kitchen walls – 2 coats. Apricot.

* emulsion ceiling – white

* satinwood radiator and wooden decorative mantle. Um. This was supposed to be mediterranean blue, but has turned out to be more of a lilac blue.  we shall see. And of course that meant turning the central heating off for 2 days – radiator too old to have a valve on it.

So it was a tad chilly this morning. Am typing this wearing fingerless gloves and fleece jacket.

Now I know that Romance Writers enjoy the finer things in life. So -here is a link to the recipes for the Inauguration Lunch for President Obama.  I love pheasant but not sure about the rice stuffing. Cake is very British but interesting variation.

And one last piece of trivia – A link to the cafe at Reading Station. Where T E Lawrence left the Manuscript for ‘Seven Pillars of Wisdom.’

Read and weap. And thank all that you hold sacred for technology which allows back-ups and photocopying. 🙂