Holiday Week


Well this was the week that we were supposed to be going to Tenerife on holiday to enjoy some sunshine – and we changed our mind so that we could do more walking. In the UK.

Bad news – we have had serious snow and as I write this there is a blizzard outside.

Good news –

*Saturday we went to London and it was sunny – and about minus 2 – but great. My first visit to Notting Hill and the Portabello Road market. Lovely meal out. Great day.


* Sunday. Car drive to Dorset and Somerset visiting Dorchester, Charmouth and Lyme Regis. There is nothing quite like eating steaming fish and chips when the sea is breaking over the Cobb and the wind chill is about minus 5. Lovely sunshine.

* Monday. Woke up to about 8 inches of snow and a blizzard.

And the downstairs loo was faulty  – the cistern overflow pipe was leaking and outside was frozen – great danger of flooding, and if we had not been here for this week I hate what we would have come back to.

So Alpha Man Mr Ray-Anne set out in Antartic layers on foot to walk to the local DIY shops. Cars were sliding all over the place on the roads, multiple accidents and he could not find the parts.  Some shops were not open. Others were running on one person who had walked in.

Have you ever tried to get a plumber when most of the roads are impassible?

Our hero came from Iran. And was the only one out of 8 plumbers in his firm who had turned in to work yesterday. Poor lad had been out since 2am on serious boiler breakdowns and took 2 hours to get to us.  Apparently the other men were afraid of crashing their vans. And Iran has a lot of snow. Toilet now working. And Mr Ray-Anne did come back with crumpets and scoff. And I have a real fire in my living room.

* Tuesday. Today we have been on an 8 mile – or in my case 10 mile according to my pedometer = about 19,000 steps – in the snow covered countryside, mostly in light snow but occasional white-outs and sunshine. Through the local villages with thatched cottages and lovely stone churches and schools. It was actually great – hard going where it had drifted but quiet and enjoyable. Most of the local kids seem to be out enjoying sledging or with their family and dogs having fun.

I think tomorrow may be a rest day. My TBRead Pile is way too high. New DVDs to watch.

Should hear back from HMB this week about the revisions, but all crows have been banished. I need to recharge my batteries after what turned out to be quite a re-write.  A real leaning experience – and fantastically useful.


Hope everyone is safe and comfy. Happy writing!