Kate Hardy was curious about the 13th centurychurch of St Nicholas in Freefolk we passed on Sunday.

This lovely little church is rarely used and was closed on our walk – and there is a nice summary on this website. which refers to what remains of the wall paintings [ you can start drooling now Kate.]

The thing that charmed me most was it’s location – right next to the new version of the ‘Manor House’ , surrounded by thatched alms houses just across the narrow road, and thatched farms buildings, and right on the river.

The Church is hidden behind the hedge at the back of the house – 2 mins walk away, which is entirely appropriate when it was built by the Lord of the Manor in the 13th century.



One of the claims to fame for this village is that it is located at the foot of Watership Down and Richard Adams who wrote the book lives close by. There were certainly plenty of rabbits out and about yesterday, and more snowdrops 🙂


Now – all I have to do is come up with a storyline where I can use these elements… Lady of the Manor, a crumbling manor church, a rural location…And did I mention that Jane Austen was born at the vicarage in Steventon which is only a few miles away? No doubt that she knew this location well.

Cue a modern Mr Darcy- property developer with dreams of affordable housing in picture postcard villages. What do you think? LOL