The Revisions for my Second Mills and Boon Romance line book are now with the Editors.

[ See Ray-Anne run back of hand across moist brow.]

I have never sweated and torn my hair over a few thousand words so much in my life. Seriously!

Self critical? Moi?

Apparently this is normal and to be expected for second books..and thirds.. forths etc but for me polishing this book was crucial to establishing myself as a writer the reader – and the editors- can trust to deliver. 

The editors had already told me they loved the opening and ending- but Iwas not making the most of what I had created. In the end it boiled down to rewriting one chapter and revising three others. And it has taken me a week to do it, and several 5am sessions.

This is what comes of being a perfectionist AND passionate about the story.  I hope they like the changes, because if it comes back again the air may turn blue.

AND I think I have eaten my body weight in carbs and comfort food and not been to the gymn once. I do not even DARE to weigh myself.

 So. Time to feed the muse.

What am I reading from my towering TBRead Pile? Well I did spend time ordering some goodies online. Starting with:


Dogs and Goddesses by Jennifer Crusie, Anne Stuart and Lani Diane Rich. 3 Goddesses, 3 authors writing in parallel. Published in the UK in Paperback by Little Black Dress.

In my book Jennifer Crusie can do no wrong, and I have just finished this book in one session. It is VERY quirky – best to take a look at the Extract before ordering – I loved it. Even it does become very silly in places.

Now I can relax a little before thinking through the two new storylines which have been noodling around inside my head for the past couple of weeks. And maybe, just maybe, Mills and Boon will give me another contract and I can start the whole crazy game all over again. All the fun of the fair, including the bumper cars called Revisions. 🙂